What is PLAY Positive Pittsburgh

PLAY Positive Pittsburgh is an online community dedicated to promoting and inspiring strong, active, and caring families through participation in positive sports, wellness and recreation programs. PLAY Positive Pittsburgh believes when children and adults involved in sports organizations and clubs consistently teach, enforce, affirm and model positive life skills, our community becomes a safer, kinder place to live and play.

Meet the PLAY Positive Pittsburgh Team

Coach Dave Gray-

Owner/Director CDG Sports, Pittsburgh

“Coach Dave,” as he is known in the community, brings fun and excitement to all of his work with the continuous energy and upbeat personality. He believes that teaching young people the fundamentals and life skills in sports will lay the framework for children to enjoy future athletic success and to develop a positive self-image. Working with kids and youth athletes is Dave’s passion and expertise. He has been running successful sports programs and events for over 21 years. His best form of advertising is the kids! They are the ones who sell his “work” to their parents, making sports programs the most popular in the area. His motto is “Sports for All. All for Fun!”

Phil Pavely-

Owner Pavely Photography

Award-winning photographer Philip G. Pavely has more than 25 years of photojournalism and sports photography experience. As a proud parent whose children are involved in sports and activities, Phil is a regular at their events with his camera in hand. Pavely Photography is a growing business in the youth and professional sports world covering local youth organizations up the pros for USA Today Sports Images. Preceding his sole devotion to Pavely Photography, Phil was a staff photographer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review where he photographed Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, All-Star Games, and champions as they visited the White House. He was elated to have his photo “Fowl Ball” be chosen best Sports Action photo and its subsequent display at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.