Every morning of each camp day I give the kids a positive “play” or pep talk to help them get the most out of their camp experience – to win the day. I admit, on the last day of camp I was unprepared and didn’t have a lesson ready. So I thought about it…and I knew what I would say to 300 tired, hot, and anxious campers. It’s what I talk about at schools, it directs my daily actions, it’s what I coach on and off the field to players, parents, fellow coaches and anyone who will listen. FOLLOW YOUR HEART! These kids are the most loving, endearing people I know.

Their hearts are bigger than the world. They strive every moment to love and be loved in return. They would prefer to help and encourage another child in need instead of walking away or being unkind. But as I told them, sometimes they just have to pause for a second and listen to their heart to make the right choice. Their heart will always steer them in the right direction. Maybe that means doing the often awkward gesture of telling someone you love them, or extending a hug to someone in need, or hardest of all, saying I’m sorry.

It took me many years before I personally felt comfortable showing my feelings and listening to my heart, but when I did it changed my life