Black Box MVMNT’s mission is to help their clients achieve a new level of well-being by holding space for people to make impactful, long term change. “MVMNT” doesn’t just refer to the fitness, but rather, the unique journey, evolution, and physical expression of the individual.

Simply put, people come here to become better versions of themselves and owners, Matt McCusker and Gretchen Helt, want to make sure clients have a darn good time while embracing the challenge. Between them, they have decades of experience coaching and working with individuals, but what bonded Matt and Gretchen initially was nothing more than a flow of ideas centered around fitness as a tool for self improvement.

These ideas became a physical reality in November 2018 when they opened shop. They wanted a space where people could go and leave feeling better than when they walked in, where the exchange of ideas is still free to flow, and where the only rule is ‘good vibes only’. Black Box MVMNT also strives to give people as many opportunities as possible to learn from and be inspired by other disciplines and leaders in fitness. Currently they have 2 specialty seminars booked over the summer with the hopes of attracting many more.

Black Box MVMNT’s system is a Longevity and Performance System focusing on consistently reinforced foundational movements, performed at relative intensity. By utilizing time tested conventional and unconventional modalities and implements like the Steel Mace, Kettlebells, Primal Movement patterns, and strict bodyweight movements, you can perform at a higher level not simply for a short time, but for the rest of your life. Currently they offer 1 on 1 private training, group classes, POSE running coaching, kids and teens classes and sport specific camps in the summer.

You can find Coach McCusker and Blackbox MVMNT on Perry Highway, McCandless Twp., next to Chuck’s Auto Body. Visit their website at